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We believe “travel is an art” and will spare no efforts to make your trip the best “art work” with our unmatched knowledge, expertise and passion.

AbsolutePanda is the only travel company focusing on Panda and other wildlife in China. We create responsible tours for people to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of wildlife and minority culture by our elaborately crafted products. At the same time, we hope local people can benefit from those programs and be aware of the importance of protecting these endangered animals and their habitats. Our vision is to create a harmonious relationship between tourists, local and nature by providing world-class sustainable travel.
1. We are the only travel company who focus on wildlife in China
Absolutepanda has been focusing on wildlife tours since 2003.(Sichuan Absolute Wild Travel Co., Ltd (SATC)Business license number:L-SC-A00464) We have guided thousands of small-group expeditions into Panda’s habitats to explore the beauty of wildlife. Our professional tour leaders and wildlife experts help our guests to gain in-depth understanding about Panda, their companion animals, stunning scenery along with the history of local culture. Your participation will help us to display an exemplary attitude of being responsible and respect our nature to the local people.

2. Exclusive Quality & Value Guarantee
We promise that our qualified services will meet (often exceeded) your expectation. We define our quality by unique itineraries, stunning destinations, creative interactions, small group and professional guides. As a responsible travel company, we care about local community and also benefit a lot from working directly with local business. If you can find any other travel company who is able to offer tours of same quality with better price, we are willing to reimburse you with the difference.

3. Explore China in comfort and your own style
AbsolutePanda is beyond luxury accommodations, meals and vehicles. We focus on your enjoyment of interacting with nature and local. Our experienced tour guides, who know the resources in the destinations very well, guarantee you a flexible trip tailored to your needs. We are willing to create a new kind of relationship with you. We would like to be your local friend rather than treating you only as customers. We will show you the real China by an absolutely authentic experience with incredible wildlife and lovely locals.



Our story

AbsolutePanda (A brand of AbsoluteWild.Co.Ltd. register number 91510104MA61THQ33U) is founded by Philip He (He Chengan,corporate legal entity ) and Lily Guo(Guo Xiaoli).Starting from a mom-and-pop business, AbsolutePanda would have never become what is now if we hadn’t received generous support from our past clients. We want to express our heart-felt thanks to all those people who have provided generous help to us. It is impossible for us to write down the all names of the people who have helped us. Here we can only pick a few who have given tremendous help to us and express our special thanks to them. Read more>>


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