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Unveil the Mysterious Plateau

 Ruoergai grassland

The east edge of Tibet Plateau, is the home to a group of Tibetan, giant panda and many endangered wildlife. Up on the grassland and wetland of the Plateau or in the primeval forests hidden in the mountains, hundreds of alpine bird species inhabit in the breathtaking nature scenery. The highland is paradise for wildlife. In respect of the Tibetan Buddhism religion, local people appreciate the gift of nature and never hurt wildlife. It is a mysterious place where we are going to unveil and discover.
In this educational journey, we are going to deep learn and experience the ecosystem on the highland, such as the life of wildlife and local Tibetan, and its unique geographic feature. We will start from being a panda volunteer to know more about this amazing creature and its conservation before visiting their hometown in Wolong. In the panda habitat, our nature experts are going to discover panda traces with us and explore alpine flowers and birds in the Balang mountain on the top of the panda kingdom. Giving yourself a physical challenge by hiking in Mt. Siguniang is another chance to immerse in the pure nature. Visiting Tibetan community will be a great way to interact with the local people and learn about their culture.  We will finish this expedition with the final highlights of this trip in the stunning scenery of Jiuzhaigou. You will obtain some knowledge about the highland unique karst landform formed dating back to the fourth glacial period and be definitely amazed by the beauty of nature.
1. Giant panda keeper volunteer in Dujiangyan Panda base
2. Bird & flower watching at the top of giant panda kingdom
3. Hiking in Mt. Siguniang
4. Wildlife safari on the Tibetan grassland
5. Visiting nomadic Tibetan family and community
6. Photographing in China’s most beautiful national park ---Jiuzhaigou

 Feeding panda as a day-keeper

 Meconopsis grandis

 Purple swamphen  in Ruoergai

 Mt. Siguniang

 Tibetan monk 

 Jiuzhaigou national park

What make AbsolutePanda’s education program excellent?
Focus on your overall experience. We care about your learning experience and guarantee your pleasure as well. We do our utmost to optimize your experience by arranging appropriate educational activities and leisure time.
Accomplished nature guide. AbsolutePanda have qualified guides in varies of fields ranging from photography, birding, flower-watching to outdoor activities. We will also invite local representatives who work for environmental NGOs to give speech about local ecosystem and culture on site.
Elaborately designed activities. We design many interesting and inspiring games & activities along the way, such as wildlife trace discovery, recycle challenge, eliminate carbon footprint, star gazing etc. in order to help participants to learn about wildlife, how to protect our environment and to obtain wisdom from nature etc.
Fully equipped. Except for premium accommodation, vehicle and meals, we also have whole set of out-door gears ranging from luxury camping tent, shower tent and dinning tent to sleeping bags so as to make your trip as enjoyable as possible.

Other Educational Programs you may enjoy

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The Philosophy of Black and White
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Day 1Chengdu/Dujiangyan
-Arrive Chengdu
- Visit a UNESCO site --- Dujiangyan irrigation system
Dujiangyan Irrigation System is the oldest and only surviving no-dam irrigation system in the world; and a wonder in the development of Chinese science. Now, the project is honored as the 'Treasure of Sichuan', which still plays a crucial role in draining off floodwater, irrigating farms and providing water resources for more than 50 cities in the province.
Overnight: Dujiangyan

Day 2 Dujiangyan/Wolong
-Panda volunteer program
-Head to Wolong
Overnight: Wolong

Day3 Wolong/ Rilong
-Drive to Mt. Balang to explore alpine flowers and birds
-Drive to Rilong in the afternoon
Balang Mountain, as a part of the Wolong Nature Reserve, is a great birding spot with amazing diversity of alpine birds. While driving up to Mt. Balang Mountian and scanning birds along the way, you will have a big chance to see quite number of game birds, such as Chinese Monal, Blood Pheasant, Koklass, White Eared Pheasant, and Tibetan Partridge.
Overnight: Rilong

Day 4 Mt. Siguniang  
-Hiking at Mt. Siguniang
-Environmental games and competition along the way
Mount Siguniang is the highest peak of Qionglai Mountains in Western China. It is famous for its beautiful scenery. The area is reputed to be the "Oriental Alps". Mount Siguniang National Park was identified as a UNESCO Heritage Site as part of Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries in 2006.
Overnight: Rilong

Day 5 Rilong/Maerkang
-Drive from Rilong to Marerkang to visit Zuokeji mansion, reputed as the “Pearl in Oriental Architectural History” in local Jiarong Tibetan community
-Learn about local tradition and architecture   
Overnight: Maerkang

Day 6 Maerkang/ Hongyuan
-Drive to Hongyuan grassland
-Bird watching in wetland
-Visit nomadic Tibetan family and experience Amdo Tibetan culture
Overnight: Hongyuan

Day 7 Hongyuan/Ruoergai
-Drive to Ruoergai via Flower Lake and learn about wild flower
-Learn about wildlife on wetland and grass
-Nature educational games and activities
Overnight: Ruoergai

Day 8 Ruoergai/ Jiuzhaigou  
-Visit Tibetan ancient town in Ruoergai
-Drive to Jiuzhaigou
Overnight: Jiuzhaigou

Day 9 Jiuzhaigou national park
-Explore Jiuzhaigou
-Watching birds
-Learn about local geology eg. Karst landform
As a UNESCO site, Jiuzhaigou is one of the most beautiful national park in China where lives about 220 bird species as well as a number of endangered animal and plant species, including the giant panda, Sichuan golden monkey, the Sichuan takin and numerous orchids and rhododendrons. Its superb landscapes are particularly interesting for their series of narrow conic karst land forms and spectacular waterfalls.
Overnight: Jiuzhaigou

Day 10 Fairy Pool
-Day-tour to Fairy Pool which lies 42 km (26 mi) west of Jiuzhaigou and features travertine pools.
-Learn about local geology and water photographing
Overnight: Chuanzhusi

Day 11 Fly back to Chengdu


-Visit Songpan ancient town and Taoping Qiang village.
-Learn about culture and history of Qiang---the oldest minority group in China

-Drive back to Chengdu
Day12 Day-tour in Chengdu
learn Mahjong and Kongfu in the bamboo park. Followed lunch, we head to airport and fly home in the afternoon.

We can customize this trip so as to better meet your timing, budget and interests or arrange a private extension to explore China as you wish. Please contact us for more information.
Upon request
1.What is the physical level required for wildlife safari ?
The participants are required to be able to walk unassisted for a minimum of two miles over uneven terrain, as well as be active at altitudes exceeding 8,000 feet(about 2,400m) above sea level. In the mountain areas, wildlife safari involves daily walks or hikes of varied lengths over pavement, boardwalks and dirt forest trails that can be muddy, slippery and uneven with roots and rocks (note that all walks can be more difficult to navigate during inclement weather). Some walking activities take place at altitudes over 8,000 feet (about 2,400m), and drive across and stop on top of mountain passes that exceed 12,000 feet (about 3,600m) in elevation. 

2. What’s a chance to spot them in the wild?
According to statistic from Chinese government, by 2014 there are 1,864 wild giant pandas living in central China’s Sichuan, Shaanxi, and Gansu Provinces. That’s up from 1,596 estimated animals in a 2003 report, the last time giant pandas were surveyed.
Giant pandas are solitary animals. Wild panda is very sensitive to human beings’ traces. They have poor eyesight but good sense of smell. They are very alert of the environment when feasting with bamboo. Pandas take in hundreds of pounds every day to use just 2 or 3% of it as nutrition. Hence, pandas need a wide area of roaming and are well spread out in the wild.  They do not always stay at the same place for long.  Together with the few numbers of wild panda, it is extremely hard to see giant panda in the wild.
Though it is very difficult to see wild pandas, it is still possible to find them in the right place and at the appropriate time. Winter is great season to see giant panda and also good for other wildlife safari in the deep mountains for there is less vegetation for animals to hide.   Wild animals also need to find food at the lower elevation which makes it more accessible.

Please click here for more faqs.
“The Only Choice for Travel in China”

I must confess, I write this review because it's ultra personal to me. I've only known about AbsolutePanda for a couple of months but have worked with them very closely with our tour company from the U.S. 
AbsolutPanda represents China, like Americans would want a tour company in the U.S. to represent America- with professionalism, pride and respect while their actions speak in a way to that oozes with historical consciousness, both culturally and ecologically. 
They take care of their clients and bend over backwards to make sure they are given the trip they paid good money for. 
Whether you hire AbsolutPanda for a cultural, sightseeing tour or to see the Tibetan Plateau where you will feel like the only tourist for a hundred miles, you'll leave knowing more about China than you started with, that's for sure. But it's more than that. You will understand what China was and what it wants to become now... and it's a lot more optimistic for the world than people might think.
--- Justin G from US
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