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The Interaction Programs of China Panda Tours

   Mr. Bruce in Panda Photo Program, Dujiangyan Panda Base
What did our guest say?

“I had 24 hrs between meetings in Shanghai and Kunming, so I decided to stop in Chengdu for a panda experience. I lucked out by finding Absolute Panda, and from the moment their representative met me at the airport, things just kept getting better. It was Father's Day, and when my broadly smiling guide stuck out his hand and said "hi, I'm Leo, I had to laugh out loud. That was my Dad's name. Leo turned out to be the best part of the trip, so knowledgeable and warm and engaging, and a veritable treasure chest of information about everything from politics to wildlife, and of course, the pandas. The panda experience was also, a once-in-a-lifetime joy fest which including joining other travelers from all over the world in cleaning the panda habitat, feeding the pandas, and then of course, the piece de resistance sitting on a bench, and "shooting the breeze" with a fluffy, cuddly panda. And on my departing trip to Kunming the next day, even though I assured Leo that I was an experienced solo traveler, he insisted on having Lily, his girlfriend and also an Absolute Panda guide, accompanying me and making sure I got checked in. I travel, all over the world, all the time, and I can assure you, this agency, Absolute Panda, is absolutely perfect.”
                                                   ------ Mr. Bruce, from United States 

Panda Travel Tours

For most of the tourists, Panda travel tour is one of the key reasons to plan a trip to China. Panda is the national treasure of China. They have been existing for 8 million years on earth. Nowadays, they are mainly found on the border of Sichuan province, Gansu province and Shaanxi province. Chinese used to call them “white bear”, “black-white bear” before westerners introduced them to the world. To most tourists who have interest in Panda travel tours, Chengdu is the must-go destination.
In our China Panda tours, Chengdu is not only the economic center of Southwest part of China; it is also the hometown of Panda. There are 5 Panda bases located near by the city for Panda tour, and it is only one hour drive to Panda habitats (43miles). Each Panda base serves different purpose and offers many activities for the public, including photo program, and volunteer program. There is a donation required to join these programs. The amount of donation is varied based on different Panda base, and different way of interaction.
See details on the list below(updated in Aug 2015 )
Annotation: Many activities have been suspended after the outbreak of canine distemper, we will update the information here when it is available. 
   Panda interaction program in Bifengxia Panda Base
Photo program
Panda base will select healthy and young (around 1 year old) Panda for the program. The duration is 30 seconds, the staff will arrange a Panda cub sitting by your side and take photos for you. Disturbing is not allowed. This program depends on the condition of the Panda, Panda base has the right to cancel the program anytime.

A health certificate 
Wearing the protection suit 
Volunteer program
Panda volunteer program is an effective way of learning the knowledge of Panda. The program has limited quotas per day, a reservation is required. After the outbreak of canine distemper, Dujiangyan Panda Park is the only base providing the program now with a limited 20 quotas per day. The major work of a volunteer program is to clean Panda enclosures and to feed Panda. For safety reason, close encounter is not allowed. Panda base has the right to cancel the program anytime.

A health certificate 
Wearing the protection suit 

Please click here for more information.

     Volunteer Program in Bifengxia Panda Base  

   Volunteer Program in Bifengxia Panda Base

   Volunteer Program in Bifengxia Panda Base
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