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A ‘Panda Capital’ Covering 69 km2 under Planning in Chengdu.

Chengdu is rolling out its general plan for building a ‘Panda Capital’, namely ‘Panda Ecological Home’ which covers 69 km2 in land size and involve three areas in Chengdu, Beihu, Dujiangyan and Longquanshan, according to a journalist from Chengdu Administration of Forest and Gardening on July 18th. 

As the world’s only metropolis with both captive and wild giant panda resources, Chengdu has great platform for international cooperation and communications because of its excellent team of experts on panda conservation and research, and the key technologies on giant panda research and breeding.

An official from Chengdu Municipal Administration of Forestry and Gardening said, “ the plan of building ‘Panda Capital’ is made with the central idea of giant panda conservation. By using the giant panda’s high popularity and influences at home and abroad, the plan aims to give a strong push to conservation and researches on giant pandas in Chengdu and biodiversities studies through scientific research, public education, cross-country communication, tourism and leisure, cultural creativity and outdoor activities. Also it is hoped to bring more development in field of tourism, cultural creativity and ecology in the related areas. Thus it further develops the new economies in Chengdu.”

According to the plan, Beihu, Dujiangyan and Longchuanshan will account for 35 km2 , 23 km2 and 11 km2 of the project respectively. In the future each area will focus on different fields including breeding research and international cooperation of endangered wild animals including giant panda; research on animal reintroduction, pre-reintroduction training and free-range raising, panda-featured high-end ecotourism; public education on pandas and research on bamboo farming. After releasing the international consultation invitation on the general plan of Chengdu ‘Panda Capital’ on June 5th, Chengdu has received registration information from 99 organizations and 59 units from 12 countries. The final general plan will be decided by Chengdu Municipal Planning Committee in September this year.  
(New from people's net, translated by AbsolutePanda)

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A ‘Panda Capital’ Covering 69 km2 under Planning in Chengdu.
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