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June 30th.Driving back to Yushu and Tibetan Family Dinner
Sunny to Cloudy
Getting up in the morning, the flood has subsided and the river bank becomes much lower. Soon after I have started cooking, Remy and Tsebtrim go to the hot spring. It doesn’t take long for me to prepare the breakfast,. The morning sun comes out, the gray clouds in the sky have been changed into golden color under morning rays. And now Tsebtrim and Remy have returned and tell me their want to take a rest before breakfast.
So I take my camera and go to the hot spring. The mist from the hot spring forms a very beautiful picture with the flowing river by the side, the golden morning clouds and snow-capped mountain peak in the distance. The temptation from the hot spring is too big. I can’t resist. I take off my clothes and get into the ponds. The first pond I try is too hot. I change to another pool and the water temperature is quite nice. Lying inside the pool, I fully immerse myself into this great nature and all the wonderful moments in the past week come back to my mind. What a great trip: beautiful scenery, great wildlife, friendly local people, helpful friend and nice client. Calling from my friend Tsebtrim brings me back to the reality. They are ready for breakfast. I quickly dress up and walk to the camping site. By now the sun has already reached our camping site.
We enjoy our breakfast in these great surroundings, chirping of birds, busy pica and a family of Himalayan Marmot observing us from a distance with great curiosity.After breakfast, we put our tent, air mattress and sleeping back under the sun before we pack them and load them in the car. I take the dishes to the riverside to wash them. While I am washing those dishes, I hear some strange calls from the river. I put away the dishes and run to my tent to get my binocular to check. I just turned too sharply and hurt my waist. I manage back to the camping site and checked the river with my binocular. To my surprise, it is a bar-headed goose riding on the waves floating down the river. Obviously the bird enjoys this riding with singing. The singing sound too similar to calls of people for help. I was fooled by this bird.
We load our car with all the camping equipment and drive back to Yushu. On the way back, Tsebtrim tell us he want to invite me and Remy to visit his family to have a Tibetan noodle dinner. We accept the invitation. We drive back to Yushu in the afternoon. After checking in at our hotel, I hurry to a barber to have my hair cut. I do not have time for a shower. I change my clothes in the hotel toilet and go with Remy to Tsebtrim’s family.
It is a big Tibetan-style family house with a courtyard. Here Tsebtrim lives with his parents-in-law, his wife, daughter and his sister-in-law’s family. The living room has a very big, nice Tibetan Buddhism painting on the wall. As soon as we sit down, Tsebtrim’s wife serves us the steaming noodles. The noodle is cooked in very typical Tibetan style with vegetable and yak meat, and very delicious. Both of us enjoy several bowls of the Tibetan noodles. While we are having noodles, we enjoy a nice chat with Tsebtrim’s family. His father-in-law tells us some family stories. The family moved here from my hometown Shiqu dozens of years ago. By now it is already a big family of 10 people. After the family noodle banquet, we drive Remy back to his hotel. By now we have concluded our first snow leopard safari in the wilderness of Tibetan Plateau. In the wilderness, we have been isolated from all modern civilizations. That gives us an opportunity to explore and enjoy nature, the wildlife, the scenery and the local Tibetan nomads. In the wilderness, we have had an opportunity to go into our inner world, think about the meaning of life, and enjoy the tranquility, purity and diversity of  nature. Suddenly I have realized it was such a fun to be released from the addiction to all the modern technologies. I feel so lucky to have the trust from Remy to run this trip.

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