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June 27. Searching in another Valley and Find the Golden Eagle Family
Sunny to Cloudy.
We go to another valley after western breakfast to search for the Snow Leopards. Based on our judgment, if the Snow Leopard have gone in that direction and we might be able to encounter them.
We climb to the middle part of the mountain. Herds of Blue Sheep are grazing on the top. We find a flat place and start to check the rocks on the ridge, hoping to see a Snow Leopard lying on them. This is their typical way of hunting. After checking, I see a higher platform. I decide to go there to get a better view to check the both sides of the valley. I have my camera ready, waiting to see what we will see.
Suddenly, I see some Blue Sheep start running. I immediately start to check with my binocular, my hands shake with excitement. However it turn out to be a false alert, as some young Blue Sheep get excited and are chasing each other. By this time it is already close to lunch time, and I decide to leave for lunch preparation. On my way back, I see a soaring Golden Eagle. My eyes follow the movement of the Golden Eagle. I want to get a nice close shot of soaring Golden Eagle. The bird eventually perches on a rock. I look through my binoculars and find there is a nest. Inside the nest, there are two white fledgling, I climb up to a higher place, trying to get some closer footage of the Golden Eagle and her two fledgling. Here I get an incredible video footage of the young fledgling after spending another half an hour.
Then I leave for my lunch preparation. Upon arriving in our camping site, I find to my surprise that my friend Tsebtrim have already prepared a simple lunch. After lunch, we decide to have a laid-back  afternoon.
After three days of strenuous hiking in high-elevation, all of us are getting tired. The afternoon sun is very strong. I take a nap and then decide to walk around our camping site to see what I can encounter. Just about 300 meters away from our camping site, I see a Tibetan Fox, looking at me intently  in distance.
It is still pretty hot and I don’t see much wildlife, so I spend lots of time looking at the pika and a family of White-rumped Snowfinch around our camping site. The parent White-rumped Snowfinch are busy with their search for food. As soon as they find something big such as an insect, they will quickly run to the chicks and feed them.The chicks are either following or taking an advantageous position for the parent bird to feed them . After photography I have to return to the camping site for dinner preparation. For Sichuan food, Chili and numbing pepper are very important ingredients for flavoring. Remy tell me he would like something with only oil and salt. It is quite a challenge for people from Sichuan to cook something without chili. So for the dinner, I decide to cook something unique for Remy. I cook peas without any chili and the famous Secondary-fried Pork with some chili. To my surprise, Remy is extremely happy with the food. After dinner, we all go to bed earlier and enjoy a wonderful sleep. By now our bodies have fully adapted to this elevation. Inside the tent, we watch part of the movie:’ Born in China’


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