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Why Pandas Are Black And White?
The unique coloration of the giant panda that is loved by many people has long been a mystery to scientists.  
But now a joint research team believes they have solved the mystery, once and for all.
Pandas are black and white, have you ever thought about why? Here, scientists give us answer.
11 Twins Were Born
The black and white patches on the giant panda mainly have two functions - camouflage1 and communication.
The giant panda's white face, nape, dorsum, flank, belly, and rump are adapted for crypsis against a snowy background, whereas its black shoulders and legs are adapted for crypsis in shade, according to the study that the joint research team published in the journal of Behavioral Ecology.
However, dark markings on the head are not used in crypsis, but in communication: dark ears may be involved with signaling intent about ferocity whereas dark eye marks may serve in individual recognition, according to the study.
There is no compelling support for their fur color being involved in temperature regulation, disrupting the animal's outline, or in reducing eye glare, the study explains.
We’re always talking about these beloved pandas, especially panda cubs! Can you imagine that 11 twins were born in Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base last year! 
From 20th June,2016-12th Aug.,2016,23 pandas were just born here, since its establishment, it has created the highest record. What a great achievement! EXCITED!!!!!!
Time flies, they are almost 1-year-old this year, we just wonder how sweet when they taste their birthday cake! Hahaha…
We have already taken many clients to the Panda Ark (Dujiangyan Panda Base of China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda),taking photos with adorable pandas.
And we can do the volunteer job for the pandas, cleaning their enclosures, EVEN feeding them,yeah!!!!
We will keep updating the news about these “adorable kids”!
It is our pleasure to share some pictures from the Chengdu Giant Panda Base, hope you like it!

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