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 China Minority Travel
China has the most fascinating ethnic minority culture with 56 officially recognized ethnic groups and dozens of them remain to-be-identified. They were formed because of the nature barriers such as high mountains, big rivers and under the rule of one tribal head in the long history of China. The “Han” group is regarded as the dominant one, while the remaining 55 ethnic groups as ethnic minorities. Of the 55 ethnic minorities, 53 of them have their own oral languages and 22 of them have their own written languages. 
  A Primi grandma in Yunnan 

Our China Minority Travel Program will explore the Chinese ethnic minority culture in the following ways:

Lots of the ethnic minorities are located deep in the mountains where they get very little impact from the fast-changing world outside and thus they have preserved their culture very well. Almost each ethnic minority group has their own style of costumes, architectures, languages, festivals and traditions. Our China Minority Travel Program is part of our China culture tour with an aim to unveil the rich Chinese minority culture though elaborately planned tours. These minority tours  aim to present the best of the rich ethnic minority culture in China.
1. Experience the local community. Our ethnic minority tours will be arranged during local holidays so that visitors can see China ethnic minority people dressed in their best costumes, and experience their dances, singings, fork arts, hand-weaving and ceremonies in our tours.
2. Interact with locals.  In our Chinese ethnic minority culture tours, we always include some visit to local villages and even eat in local families to see the lives of ethnic minority people and interact with locals. Generally speaking, the local ethnic minority people in China are quite hospitable toward visitors. Our visit will never intrude their personal privacy. It is our principle to ask for their permission first and pay for the meals. With this principle, We would like to bring more benefits to the locals community for the sustainability development withour ethnic minority tours in China.
3. Benefit to the locals. lots of ethnic minority groups in China keep autarky for many centuries because of their land-locked location. So they are very skilled at making tools, handicrafts and clothes with the material collected in the neighborhood. In our ethnic minority tours in China, we always do our utmost to find chances to see those unique tools and craftsmanship in the villages that we visit. Visitors could buy the handicrafts directly from local people to help them realize the value of their fading skills and reserve those human heritages by encouraging more people to devote to those skills.

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  A Tibetan girl in western part of Sichuan

   A Kangba-Tibetan man

  A Tibetan father and his kid on the horse, Tibet

  A Tibetan lady and kid on her back, Tibet

  A little Kangba-Tibetan girl , Sichuan China

  Tibetan men on motorcycle , Tibet

   A Tibetan monk , Tibet

  A Tibetan man in traditional costume, Tibet

  Kangba Tibetan man in traditional costume

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