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“Once more to China with Absolute Panda-Feb. 2014-Yunnan, Guizhou and Ganxi"



Once again my travel companion on these China trips, Rick joined me to see those portions of southern China where there are a lot of ethnic minorities. This was a photography trip. As we have done before, we contacted Philip and Lily, identified a date and the areas we wanted to see. And once more Philip and Lily pulled it together for us. We started in Yunnan, going up the Nu River valley, one of last undammed rivers, and then up so other river valleys to see the scenery and people. We continued this after we flew from Dali (may not be worth visiting) to Guiyang, and saw a spectacular cave, and the highest waterfalls in Asia. But the real joy of the Guizhou portion was visiting the small villages, and lucking into a post Spring Festival festival. We ended by returning to Yangshou and staying in the Yangshou Mountain Retreat, a really nice way to end the journey. It will probably be a few years before I go back, but it will be with Absolute Panda.
——Steve Z , Visited February 2014



 “Exceptional Service From Absolute Panda, one of the most caring touring guide!”


The service Absolute Panda provided (Phillip and Lily) was phenomenal, from the first time emailing them for their service to the end of our tour when Phillip dropped us off at the hotel. Traveling with Phillip had us worried free the whole time; he had everything covered for us. Phillip speaks perfect English, has great manners and knows a lot about Pandas, Birds and Chinese Culture/History. We wanted a perfect Panda experience and he gave us one at the Bifengxia Center in Ya’an. Phillip has done so many Panda tours, all the staff at the location knows him…which is good because he was able to provide us the best experience possible. We did the volunteer program, played with pandas and hugged a panda; Phil was alongside with us the whole time for translation and explaining the procedures. After our tour at the Bifengxia, he took us to an ancient town in Shangli for an amazing lunch with the locals. We shopped, took pictures and learned more about the Chinese culture. We couldn’t ask for more from Phillip, he definitely exceeded our expectation. The tour was priced well, the service is great and Phillip will always go out of his way to make the perfect experience for you. If you go to Chengdu, look into booking with Absolute Panda, you will not be disappointed.

——xrage4200 Everett, Washington, visited Jan 2014


“The Genuine Chine by a very high professional service”


We were interested in traveling through China in a personalized and flexible way, being sure to be safe and avoiding any “banal touristic places”. Last but not least, we would like met pandas and interact with them.

We found Absolute Panda on Trip Advisor and we read the excellent opinions on them. So we wrote to Philip He. Since the first contact, Absolute Panda met our expectations fully. We were positive impressed about Absolute Panda proactive and customer oriented approach: before our leaving, Philip tried to understand our needs and expectations, and then sent us a detailed and personalized trip plan, that excited us immediately. Later we were invited to fulfill a form, by e.mail, with our food requirements and some information.

Since our arrival at Chengdu airport and for the whole trip, we had a guide and a driver at our disposal and we travelled with them for about 15 days in the Sichuan zone, seeing wonderful natural places, the authentic Chines and Tibetan villages, far away from the usual western touristic routes. Being in a personalized tour, we were flexible to see and stop wherever we liked.
Yang, the guide during our first part of the trip, was an excellent birdwatcher and showed us plenty of birds, even rare; but most of all, he was a competent trip manager, very proactive to anticipate our needs and authentically friend with us. So we completely enjoyed our trip, feeling among “competent and sincere friends”.
On the other hand, Philip, who took us during our second week, is very expert about Chinese and Tibetan History, cooking traditions and social matters: thanks to him we could better understand and appreciate a such complex and “western different” Country like China. Philip is also an excellent photographer, trip manager able to face up with difficult situations, that otherwise may treats some trips. He’s very helpful in many ways (he even lent us his personal photocamera, more professional than ours, and, last but not last, took for us some wonderful photos ).
Lastly, Absolute Panda fully met our expectations at same as regard as the hotels, the restaurants and all the other services (experienced driver, clean and comfortable car, …): all was the best possible, according to the local standards, at a fair price.
We really thank Absolute Panda for having introduced us the Authentic China and having allowed us to loving it.
We would like to come back to China, specially to the Tibetan zone, and, sure, will be with Absolute Panda again!

—-serena71 roma Visited October 2013





We would like to thank you once again for arranging this out-of-this-world trip to W. Sichuan for us. Not only have we experienced one of the best kept secrets in Sichuan, Mt Genie, we were so very blessed to have met Wandui Ju Zhang and learn about his ambitious plans for Mt. Genie and the associated challenges that he face every day.

---Nadine, Grace, Bonnie and Winnie So from Hong Kong.  Trip to the Tibetan Area in Western Sichuan August 2010  


We spent last week and half with AbsolutePanda and Philip. In my 35 years of travelling, I never had anyone pay more attention to personal detail than Philip has with us.His program has been outstanding, he has been very flexible. We have been enjoyed every minute of it.

----Loeta Calhoun Volunteer With Panda Nov 2010.



The trip to China was one of the best trips I have ever taken, and I owe it all to you and Brad. Thank you again for an amazing experience.

----From Ian Hromada Panda Tracking Trip in February 2010




I enjoyed traveling with you and l learned a lot about the Tibetan areas of Sichuan that we visited.Hopefully we can plan a trip there.

---Katherine Feng Professional Photographer and tourleader.Exploring Tibetan Area in Western Sichuan Nov.2010 


Once again,Gerri and I would like to express our appreciation for your

enjoyable and in-depth comments throughout our tour.We both greatly enjoyed our time in China,the many great sites and treasurers we saw,and the very nice Chinese people whom we had the pleasure to meet.

----Dolf and Gerrie    Museum Trip in 2007 



My friend Loeta and I are from the USA. We found AbsolutePanda by surfing on the web. We compared the AbsolutePanda programs with a number of others which have volunteer programs from where we are from. Philip by far the best. It allows most flexibility; It allowed us different place to stay and different menu options; we could arrive a date of our choice; we can stay as long as we wanted. It was a great flexibility. We have a wonderful time. It was even more than we had expected. The pandas are wonderful. I highly recommend anybody travel with AbsolutePanda and Philip in the future.

---Susan Schneider Volunteer With Panda Nov. 2010  


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