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 China Wildlife Tours

Same as it was for the Chinese people, the past one and a half century was a nightmare for the wildlife in China. Through an age of turbulence, especially during the Cultural Revolution, people lost their traditional values and respect for wildlife. The situation deteriorated in 1980's when Chinese farmers got more money, spare time, and tools for poaching those creatures in order to claim land from their habitats.
China has the world's largest human population. This exerts tremendous pressure to the wildlife that share the same habitat with their human neighbors. The visibility of wildlife becomes poorer and poorer, even in their habitat. Thankfully, there is a growing concern calling for the protection of the wildlife. Otherwise, our descendants may not be able to see them again in their time.
  Tibetan Antelope in Kekexili Nature Reserve
The Best Protection is from Education
In China, the development of animal tours is still at the beginning stage. However the new generation with better education has started to show more and more interests toward wildlife tours in China. Your participation of our China Wildlife Tours will be not only an animal tour in China, but a China wildlife tour which will show an exemplary attitude to local people how to appreciate and respect our nature and the wildlife neighbors inside.
What make AbsolutePanda excellent?
1. Diversity of tours. Our China Wildlife Tours is not just animal tours in China but tours in which we have nice opportunity to see a fairly good number of China wildlife including mammals, birds, amphibians, snakes and insects in those carefully-planned tours.
2. Prioritizing your enjoyment. For all our China Wildlife Tours, we emphasize a process of appreciation and enjoyment instead of picking and ticking the animals along the trip. We care about your enjoyment and only focus on your travel. We do not arrange any visit to tourist shops. We are trying to show you the rich nature in the panda habitats and beyond, based on your personal interests.
3. Expert guiding. We have a team of wildlife guides who can help you find and identify those animals you have encountered during your tour in China. Most of our team members have worked in the nature travel field for over ten years. They all have bachelor or master degrees ranging from Ornithology, Eco-Environment Protection to Forestry.
4. We care and share. We believe the best way to help the wildlife is love and appreciation. By bringing animal lovers in our animal tours in China, we hope we can help them enjoy the beautiful China wild animals during their tour. At the same time we hope this can help local people realize the beauty of wildlife and learn how to love and appreciate those beautiful creatures living near their village.

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 White-collared Yuhina

   Black Snub-nosed Monkey in nature

  Blue Sheep in Tibetan region 

   Pika in Tibetan region 

   Tufted Deer on 318 national road

  Tibetan Antelope in Kekexili Nature Reserve

   Rhesus Macaque in Tangjiahe Nature Reserve

   Takin in Tangjiahe Nature Reserve

   Wild Yak in Tibetan region 


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