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Education Program

AbsolutePanda has lived our vision of a bigger world for every student, turning destinations across Sichuan even China into "Living Classrooms". Our student tours to China are curriculum relevant with the aim of enhancing interactive experience and providing  lifetime  memories for students. We guarantee a high quality educational travel experience with the use of a private bus and tour guide. Our emphasis for all educational student tours is on honesty, integrity, safety, and education.

  Our education program group at Wangjianglou Park, Chengdu
We have prepared a variety of different types of exclusive educational Panda programs for students. These programs aim to help students understand this Chinese national treasure better than ever before.
 All the journeys are customized to suit your interests and age bracket. In different educational sites of the trip, experts in various fields will give lectures or explanations towards your questions or curiosities. Except learning component, various interesting programs will also add more fun during your journey.

Unlike sub-contracted-relied providers, AbsolutePanda wholly manages our journeys. We have direct network with all our on-the-ground local guides, consultants and service partners. Our guides are elaborately selected by their ability of customer service, expertise, and perhaps most importantly, adorable personalities. Most of them have been working in tourism industry for years who are proficient in the difference in our service standards and responsible tourism approach. Accommodation and transportation services are quality-guaranteed.

Activities Offered:
1. Panda volunteer: This program allows you to be a volunteer to prepare food for panda or do some cleaning under the guidance as long as you are qualified for health examination. The activities include learning how-to smashing bamboo, making nutritious panda bread, washing carrots or fruits for pandas, separate food for pandas, etc.
2. Panda Base Visit: No doubt Chengdu Panda Base is the must-visit site in Chengdu, Panda experts will give lectures to help students understand the evolution of Panda and their habitat. Understanding the meaning of Panda protection can also help with protecting other endangered animals that live in their own habitat.
3. Hiking: we usually provide leisure hiking activity in your journey where you can view the stream, waterfalls, mountains and abundant flora. There is so much fun of explorating in the  outdoors.
4. Related lectures: specialists from diverse fields are very willing to share their expertise with you and always ready to solve your related questions.
5. Habitat visit: with us, you also have the opportunity to take a close look at panda’s habitats, and gain more information about the living environment of this cute animal and other companion lives in the same habitat.
6. School visit & interaction: we will plan a visit to nearby schools to make you get a bit of the authentic Chinese educational situation and you are offered a chance to communicate and interact with the local students.
7. Chinese Kung-fu Lesson: The Kung-fu masters will give lessons or explanations towards your questions or curiosities. Kung-fu is an unique heritage in a long history of China. It is hard for westerners to understand how Chinese think and act just from reading books. AbsolutePanda provides chances to help students probe into it by immersing students within these programs towards their interests.
8. Charity: if you would like to offer a donation to the school or give them a hand with some voluntary works, we are glad to arrange this activity for you.
9. Community visit & service: besides the school visit, you can have a look around the community close by, finding out more about the lifestyle of the locals. Likewise, if you’d like to help them, you are welcome to do some voluntary community service work.
10. Experiment: to follow your particular needs, we are capable of arranging scientific experiment for you to uncover the secrets of our nature.

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 Kung-fu class in Chengdu 

  Students are working together to build composting toilet in the remote area.

   Buddhism culture trip in Leshan 

   Panda interaction program in Chengdu Panda Base

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