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AbsolutePanda Club Membership

Plan ahead and get rewarded! Take advantage of exclusive offers for AP Members.

Place the order and pay the deposit during our promotion week (Dec.11th-Jan.6th). Enjoy Free Gifts as below:

♦ Double points of membership. 
For the frequent customers who book the new itineraries during the promotion week will enjoy multiple discounts.

                                            ♦ Three sets of postcard

          ♦ Cute panda toy
I. Member benefits
II. How to use your reward Points?
III. How to upgrade your membership?
Ⅳ. How to receive reward points?
Ⅴ. Notes for the reward points


AbsolutePanda would have never become what is now if we hadn’t received generous support from our past clients. We want to express our heart-felt thanks to all those people. AbsolutePanda Club is created to thank all the people who trust us, choose us and keep coming back to explore the wonderful China with us. Travelers will be eligible for enrollment in the program after completing first AbsolutePanda tour and then receive savings on the following travels, plus benefits (listed below). We look forward to your participation! 

I. Member benefits
There are five different membership levels and we would love to name them by endangered wildlife who are born in China. From low to high, they are: Golden Pheasant, Tibetan Antelope, Golden Monkey, Snow Leopard and Giant Panda. Members of different level receive respective amount of points and benefits demonstrated below.

  1. Point discount: you can use your reward points to exchange for discount in the next trip. For more rules, please see the “How to receive reward points”.
  2. Book donation: we will donate books for village schools in the remote areas in the panda habitat in the name of our clients to support the nature education in those poor remote areas.
  3. Personal specialist:  you will contact will your personal specialist who will help you from inquiry to booking and communicate with you throughout the whole process.
  4. Designated guide: you have right to book a guide you like from our guide list.

II. How to use your reward Points
Members could use their points to exchange for discounts for their next trip or some interesting programs or souvenirs as shown below:

III. How to upgrade your membership?

The level of AbsolutePanda club membership depends on your reward points. First time travelers are automatically enrolled in the club and become “Golden Pheasant” member. Your membership level will be upgraded according to accumulation of your points.

Ⅳ. How to receive reward points?

1. Take AbsolutePanda Tours. Your spending in AbsolutePanda could be transferred into your reward point as calculated below:

                          $20USD=1 points

For example, if you spend 1,000 USD, you will get 50 points.

2. Write us a review on Tripadvisor. We would love to hear your voice about our service and share with other guests. We would appreciate your contribution by giving 15 points for one true and complete review.

3. Recommend us to your friends. If you recommend our trip to your friends and make them purchase our tours, you will receive 30points to your account which could be spent as discount or exchange for more benefits for your next trip.
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All the customer who place the order and pay the deposit during our promotion week(Dec.11th-Jan.6th) will get FRE...
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