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Wildlife Safari in China
Wildlife safari in China provides opportunities to step into a wild, untouched world inside China. With a small safari group, you will have better chance to get an up-close encounter with many Chinese endemic or endangered wildlife including wild mammals like Tibetan antelope, Yunnan Elephant, Sichuan Takin, Golden snub-nosed monkey, Giant Panda, snow leopard, rhesus macaque, Thorold’s deer etc.; endemic birds like Black-necked crane, Golden pheasant Chinese Monal (Lophophorus Ihuysii), Brown Eared Pheasant (Crossoptilon mantchuricum),  Sukatschev’s Laughingthrush, Spectacled Parrotbill as well as many endangered wild flora like Davidia involucrata, Ginkgo biloba, Cyathea spinulosa etc.

 Companion animals of giant panda

Large mammals are possible to be seen, but some of the endangered animals who are very solitary like giant panda, snow leopard are extremely difficult to see. Instead of praying the chance to see a wild giant panda, you will definitely enjoy more about the process of tracking panda traces, detect the clues it left in the forest such as bamboo forest it just passed, foot prints or their hot fresh dungs. Panda’s habitat is not only about panda, there are fascinating birds singing up above you head. Those beautiful vocalists are good companion in the forests.  Panda’s companion animals like red panda, takin, golden monkeys, golden pheasant are all endemic protected animals which are also worth to see. While walking in the vivid forest deep in the mountains, you will also be amazed by the myriad array of wild flora. (See AbsolutePanda's Wildlife safari tour)
Wildlife are always hidden in the mountains.  If you want a satisfying safari, a good plan is vital for departure. You need to know about where is the nature habitat of certain wildlife you are searching for and which route you should take to see as many wildlife as possible on the way in a shorter period of time. Also choosing the best time to visit will make your trip even full of surprise. A professional itinerary which contains useful and accurate information is critical to a successful wildlife safari in China.

 AbsolutePanda's professional local guide and experts

Moreover, Wildlife safari is not easy for foreign guests and sometimes even impossible in some certain areas. The road in the mountain area of China is pretty complex and usually uninformed to tourists. Chinese tourists even easily get lost in the mountain path. So a local guide is necessary or important to your China wildlife safari. There are many nature reserves are not open to the public or foreigners. It is illegal to break into some restricted zone (especially in western China) as a foreigner. A professional local guide who knows the local nature resource well will provide better safari route and could change itinerary according to the unpredictable factors on the road. Guides of AbsolutePanda are not only naturalists but also love to share the local culture (Chinese or Tibetan culture) with guests. ( see some of  the best guides in western China)

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