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  • Tangjiahe Nature Reserves
    Tangjiahe is known for its bio-diversity. It is also called as “Natural Gene Stores “, “Home of Life” and “Green Pearl of Minshan Mountain Range”. WWF classified Tangjiahe nature reserve as the “Class-A” nature reserve.
  • Kekexili Nature Reserve
    Kekexili (also called Hoh Xil) means the lord of ten thousand mountains in Tibetan. The Kekexili nature reserve located in the northsestern part of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is a high grassland area that sits at 4700 m (15,416ft) above sea level.
  • Wolong National Nature Reserve
    Wolong National Natural Reserve is the earliest, largest and best-known panda reserve in China. Its main targets for protection are forest ecosystem and precious animals like giant pandas.
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Beauty of Genie
Genie Mountain is covered with snow all the year around. It is the sacred holy mountain to the local residents. Pure nature and undeveloped situation make it a wonderful destination for adventure.
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